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Contact me with questions you have about the class or what to bring. Classes are small for individual attention and seating is limited so you must sign up in advance.You can register by emailing me at or 

Classes are held at
Art Trysts Studio
1490-K North Belcher Road
Clearwater, FL 33765
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Trisha Maher
Lorraine encourages the individuality of her students and offers a creative working environment.


Carol Erickson
She is very gifted at helping and encouraging your skills and finding your style. She is an accomplished artist and is experienced in all types of mediums and shares all her knowledge freely. Her class is fun and creative so glad I found her!!!


Mary Place
Her knowledge and talent are outstanding.. She is so patient and kind when you are struggling to achieve your goal.. Shows you ways that you may not have thought of, but also lets you try new a different options.. Some may work and some may not, but it she lets you express your thoughts and imagination.. She makes you feel at home and a friend..


Suzanne Johnson
She’s a wonderful colorist and is super supportive.


Amazing teacher! very helpful and great artistic eye.


Debbie Lamparski
She has a unique ability to know when you need help and when to let you work on your own. She offers input but let’s you decide how to use it. She is very warm,friendly person who makes you feel very comfortable in her class.


Mary McCauley
I have been a student of Lorraine’s for a number of years and couldn’t give her enough stars! Working with her has opened my eyes to many things I couldn’t see in my paintings. Lorraine is a professional, working in oil, watercolor, acrylics, etc. Classes are interesting, fun and I highly recommend her as a teacher and you will get individual attention.


Jean Rascher
Lori is an outstanding, accomplished artist. Her classes are relaxing, fun and most informative. Lori does not hold back in sharing her expertise. I highly recommend taking classes from her.


Kathy Pedreira
Laurie is awesome ! Her knowledge of drawing, composition, and color theory is right on target and she shares everything with her students. She patient and nurturing with her students. Knowledgeable is any medium.


Karen Bogatin
She has a good grasp of how each picture will look. She knows how to work the composition. She can tell you what COLORS to use and how to mix them. She herself is an excellent artist and a great person,.


Colleen Baxter
I like that the classes have a casual atmosphere, that they are open and that the students are able to work on what they choose to work on. Although she has expertise in many art form mediums, her knowledge and expertise in acrylics, oil and watercolor has helped me a great deal in bringing my paintings up to what I feel to be more of a professional level. She allows you to work on you own if that is preferable yet jumps in to provide the individual attention whenever needed or … (show more)


Patricia McEntire
Special attention she gives to each student.


Lucille Canesa
Lorraine is an amazing teacher. She can teach in any medium. She explains things and demonstrates so you can see how to do things. She understands whatever you are having a problem with and teaches you how to correct it. She is not judgmental and is as kind as they come. I recommend Lorraine 100%


Michael Scheidel
It had been about 20 years since I had painted anything and it wasn’t like I had talent back then. The painting I did with Lorraine turned out amazing and while I’d like to think I am just gifted with bucket loads of natural talent, my general experience just painting a wall in my house is clearly telling me otherwise. Lorraine made the experience fun and easy with tips and tricks and lots of laughs along the way. If you are just dabbling and want a fun environment to start, this… (show more)


Susan Osher
She paid attention to me. She listen and tried to give me helpful hints in my painting. I liked her as a teacher.