Here’s the completed painting: 
Acrylic, 14″x11″








Tonight I worked a little more on a commission: “Daisy”. The first photo shows a rough block in and the second shows tonight’s progress. 

Daisy 1st blockDaisy Next Stage








Continuing the Birds of Paradise series – tonight I completed the block- in phase of “Convoluted”. 

Convoluted -Block In






















Back to my Birds of Paradise Series, this week I have been working on a great blue heron.
First photo is the initial block in. Middle photo has more detail and I added a second hatchling. 

The third photo has much more detail added and is nearing completion. 
Heron Block inHeron 2ndThe Twins rough







My next completed Big Cat:
Acrylic 30″x40″

Day Dreamer 1000 w©






“Contemplation (Bengali)”
Acrylic 36″x36″
Now on to the next Big Cat.

Contemplation (Bengali)w©1000






This week, I have been working on another in the “Big Cat” series – another painting of Bengali. I still have quite a bit to do but here is my progress to date. 

Contemplation (Bengali) i-p 1000







Blocked in:

Contemplation in Process copy








I’m continuing on with my “The Birds of Paradise” series and will have photos of that up for you soon. I’m also working on my “Big Cat” series, and have just finished this big guy, “Interlude (Bengali)”, Acrylic, 24″x36″:

Interlude (Bengali)w©





I have just popped another canvas on the easel to start another Bengali painting and will post in progress pictures of him soon!