“My world is a constant dance of color, light, texture, form, and the ever-shifting balance between them. My art explores that dance, that balance, and expresses the visceral connection I feel with each subject. It celebrates what I’ve found in each subject that compelled me to paint and invites the viewer to cut in on the dance…” 

Growing up in rural Connecticut surrounded by the lush New England countryside, Lorraine found her passion for art at an early age. She cultivated a love for color, nature and animals while exploring the hills and valleys in her hometown of Burlington. As her love and understanding of her surroundings grew, so did her desire to capture them in drawings and paintings.

One of her earliest memories is of sitting by the window, fat crayons and paper in hand, waiting for her oldest brother to come home from school and show her how to draw. From houses to horses, everything she felt a connection to became her subject matter. 

When she was about 6 years old, Lorraine had a chance encounter with a local professional artist. Lorraine watched as he moved large canvasses between his van and the staircase leading to his studio above the storefronts lining the main street in town. She struck up a conversation – no doubt telling him that she was an artist, too – and was invited to see his studio. Along with her mother, she followed him up the narrow, steep staircase to the building’s top floor.

The studio was a large, open room with high ceilings and light streaming in through the windows along both sides of the room.Two large easels stood as sentinels and the smell of linseed oil and thinner hung heavily in the air.

I can still remember the feelings that washed over me as I stepped across the threshold that day – every sight, every sound, every smell affected me. I had just discovered the place where magic was made, and I knew I wanted THIS!”

Throughout school and while raising her son, Lorraine persisted in her art work, taking commissions as early as her teens and selling her art through small local shops. Despite working various jobs to cover expenses, she continued studying all she could, attending art courses when possible, and  practicing her drawing and painting daily.

New Focus
When Lorraine moved to Clearwater, Florida in 1994, she found herself in a colorful, tropical paradise, and her art took on new focus and importance. She began a quest to better understand and more skillfully use color in her art as a way to help convey her excitement for her subjects.

I discovered there is a delicate dance when mixing color. I became fascinated with its nuances – how it changes in different light and how it is affected by the colors around it. For me, everything to do with color is seductive.”

She discovered the books of Michael Wilcox of the Michael Wilcox School of Colour fame, and around the same time, began studying with Tampa artist Mark Menendez. She attended workshops with both locally and internationally known artists.

In 2011, Lorraine opened a working art studio in Clearwater, FL with three other artists. She teaches weekly classes and occasional workshops there and displays a selection of her artwork on a rotating basis. 

Lorraine is an active member of the art community. She holds signature memberships and has held Board positions in various art organizations. She is Past President of the Professional Association of Visual Artists, and has chaired the two large art shows the group produces yearly.

Lorraine has received a number of awards for her work including a First Place award from the International Society of Acrylic Painters – Florida chapter (now Acrylic Painters USA) and a Merit Award for Wall Art in the Boutique of the highly regarded 42nd Annual Art Festival Beth-El, an invitational show. She was selected as a finalist from over 5900 entries in the 2016 Artist Magazine Annual Art Competition. Her works have been included in “AcrylicWorks 2: Radical Breakthroughs” and “Art Journey Animals: A Collection of Inspiring Contemporary Masterworks” both by Jamie Markel at North Light Books, and on the cover of “Journeys to Abstraction 2” by Sue St. John. Just recently “Storm Watch” was selected for inclusion in “AcrylicWorks 5: Bold Values by Jamie Markel.

Through her paintings, Lorraine’s hopes to inspire in the viewer the same excitement she feels for her subjects. She invites you to join her in celebrating what she has found singular about the things she has painted.  Explore her works on her websites and social media pages:

Facebook: Lorraine Ulen Fine Art
Instagram: Lorraine Ulen
Twitter: Lorraine Ulen

-Art Trysts – Founding member
-PAVA (Professional Association of Visual Artists)- Past President
-American Women Artists – Associate with Distinction
-Acrylic Painters USA – Signature Member
-ISAP – Signature Member
-Florida Watercolor Society
-Dunedin Fine Art Center
-Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art
-Miniature Art Society of Florida
-Creative Artists’ Guild

Recent Exhibits and Awards: 
-Westfield Citrus Park Mall, Curated Group Exhibit, February – April 2018
– Dunedin Fine Art Center, “Big Eyes” Juried Exhibit, January 2018
-PAVA Annual Members’ Exhibit, Pinewood Gallery, Creative Pinellas Incubator, Largo, FL December 2017
*Honorable Mention for “Storm Watch”
-Clearwater Municipal Services Building Gallery, Student/Teacher Exhibit, May 2017
-American Women Artists Spring Online Juried Show, April 2017
-2016 Artist’s Magazine Annual Art Competition, Finalist “Wingman II”
-“Feathers & Fur” Solo Exhibit, Aging Well Center Gallery, The Long Center, Clearwater, FL 2016
-41st Annual International Miniature Art Show, Dunedin Fine Art Center, Dunedin, FL, 2016
-“The Birds of Paradise” Solo Exhibit, Rotary Centennial Nature Center, Honeymoon Island State Park, 2015
-42nd Annual Art Festival Beth-El, (Invitational) Temple Beth-El, St. Petersburg, FL, 2015
*Merit Award, Wall Art, Boutique
-PAVA Annual Members’ Exhibit, Osceola Gallery, Clearwater Library, Clearwater, FL 2014
*Honorable Mention for “Waiting Game”
– 41st Annual Art Festival Beth-El, (Invitational) Temple Beth-El, St. Petersburg, FL, 2014
– 39th Annual International Miniature Art Show Dunedin Fine Art Center, Dunedin, FL, 2014
– 8th Annual ISAP-FL Juried Exhibition Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art, 2013
     *ISAP-FL (First Place) Award
-Pinellas Park Art Society Florida and Mayor’s Choice Exhibit, 2013
    *First Place and People’s Choice
-7th Annual ISAP-FL Juried Exhibition, November ’12
     *Anti-Pesto and Bright Award for ‘Detonate’
-‘Lorrealism: Every Picture Tells a Story’ Allegorical works by Lorraine Ulen, Solo Exhibit, Blue Dahlia Marketplace Gallery, Clearwater, FL 2012
-6th Annual ISAP-FL Juried Exhibition, November ’11
-‘Abstract & Allegory: Works by Donna Frost and Lorraine Ulen’, Stirling Art Studios & Gallery, Dunedin, FL, November 2011
-PAVA Annual Members’ Exhibit, Beach Art Center, Indian Rocks Beach, FL, October 2011
     *Honorable Mention for ‘Bruce’s Onions’
-Ruth Eckerd Hall, Clearwater, FL: Art Trysts Exhibit, March – May 2011
-2010 Florida Watercolor Society Juried Non-Signature Member Online Show
-3rd Annual ISAP Online International Open Juried Exhibition, November ’10
     *Honorable Mention for ‘Blues’
-5th Annual ISAP-FL Juried Exhibition, December ’10
     *AOE Merchandise/Certificate Award for ‘Blues’
-Studio 1212 Art Gallery, ’10-10-10@10′ 40th Anniversary Art Show and Boutique
-39th Annual Florida Watercolor Society Juried Exhibit, Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art, Sept- Nov ’10
-4th Annual ISAP-Florida Juried Exhibition, November ’09,
     *Erma J. Thomas Memorial Award for ‘Tempus Fugit’
-2nd ISAP Open Online International Juried Show, November ’09
-Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art, Tarpon Springs, FL: PAVA Member’s Exhibit, June ’09
-Studio 1212 Art Gallery, ‘Another Day in Paradise’, Featured Artist, May ’09
-Ruth Eckerd Hall, Clearwater, FL: Studio 1212 Exhibit, March – May ’09 

– “AcrylicWorks 5: Bold Values”, North Light Books, “Storm Watch”, 2018
– The Artists Magazine – 33rd Annual Art Competition, Finalist, “Wingman II”, 2016
– “Art Journey Animals: A Collection of Inspiring Contemporary Masterworks“, North Light Books, “Interlude (Bengali), 2017
– “A Walk Into Abstracts 2” by Sue St. John, “Balance” and “Tempus Fugit”, 2014, Cover
– “AcrylicWorks 2: Radical Breakthroughs”, North Light Books, “Interlude (Bengali)”, 2015-

Gallery Representation:
-Xanadu Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ
-Thistle, Dunedin, FL
-(past) Soleil Galleria, Dunedin, FL

-Pasco Fine Arts Council, ‘Zooper Art Show’, October 2017
-Largo Art Association Member’s Exhibit, October 2010


Nicole Valdes Orlando, FL “Santa Baby”
Dr. Sarah Scheidel Enfield, CT “Sailin’ Shoes”
Jacqueline Weinreich Belleair Bluffs, FL “All Star II”
Mary E. Piretti Canton, CT “Mothers and Daughters”
The Newmans Belleair, FL “Luca”
Ruth Tomlinson Stone Clearwater Beach, FL “Cousins”
Private Collector St. Petersburg, FL “All Star I”
Dr. Edgar Miranda & Deirdre Rivera Safety Harbor, FL “Crescendo”
Bob Nelson Florida “Guilty!”
Suzanne Johnson Palm Harbor, FL “Barack”
Private Collector Dunedin, FL “Peel Me A Grape”
James Smith Chippewa Falls, WI “Bladerunner”
Mary E. Piretti Canton, CT “Turn, Tern, Tern”
David Truong Florida “Put It On My Bill”
Tamera Jones Davis Farmersville, TX “True Love”
Barrie Graves St. Petersburg, FL “Legs Up To There”
Linda Marcelli Florida “Pole Dancer”
Karen Bogatin Tarpon Springs, FL “Wingman”
Tamera Jones Davis Farmersville, TX “Daisy”
The Newmans Belleair Bluffs, FL “Nan & Kim”
The Newmans Belleair Bluffs, FL “Lucas”
Karen Bogatin Tarpon Springs, FL “We, The People”
Gregory Sembler Florida “Look At Me Lookin’ At You”
Merle Kew Florida “Bad Hair Day”
Craig Sher Florida “Chilling II”
Gregory Sembler Florida “Hunker Down II”
Barrie Graves Florida “You’re Next! II”
The Newmans Belleair, FL “You’re Next!”
Ruth Tomlinson Stone Clearwater Beach, FL “Mimi’s Pride”
Bert Haedden & Cindy Thomas Dallas, TX “Berto & Cinzia”
Steve Rauchut Long Island, NY “Florida Snowman”
Angie Schartz St. Petersburg, FL “Me and My Shadow VI”
David Gwyn Safety Harbor, FL “Criminal Intent”
Private Collector Florida “One Good Tern”
Private Collector Montana “Prowler”
Edward Burka St. Petersburg, FL “Let’s Do Lunch”
Cheryl Henry Corpus Christi, TX “Hunker Down”
Lee Canalizo Palm Harbor, FL “Nevermore I”
Meghan Piretti Winsted, CT “Meghan & Haley”
Peter Scheidel Sandy Creek, NY “The Fool and the Hero’s Journey”
Mr./Mrs. James Fessenbecker Lewes, DE “Me and My Shadow V”
The Newmans Belleair, FL “Oh, That Glow! II”
James Brown St. Petersburg, FL “Waterfront Property”
Bob & Ducksie Stoddard Nova Scotia “Oh, That Glow!”
Private Collector Florida “Aloft”
Private Collector Dunedin, FL “Standing Room Only”
Lois Dixon Palm Harbor, FL “Key West”
Mr/Mrs Keith Robillard St. Petersburg, FL “Le Reve”
Sharon Daubenberger Neptune Beach, FL “Me and My Shadow IV”
Private Collector Clearwater, FL “Kachina Dreams”
Private Collector Colorado “Balance”
Private Collector Colorado “Blues”
Private Collector Florida “La Fleur”
Carol Grandinetti Tampa, FL “42”
Peter Lowes and Bonnie Fahoome Clearwater, FL “40”
Elizabeth Parker-Avise Sun City Center, FL “Evan”
Private Collector St. Petersburg, FL “Palm Dance”
Private Collector Safety Harbor, FL “Shadow Dancer”
Kathy Pedreira Clearwater, FL “Art Show”
Private Collector Clearwater, FL “Wine & Blues”
Private Collector Dunedin, FL “Tickled Pink”
Hannah Arnold Coatsville, PA “Hannah”
Mr./Mrs. Michael Scheidel Enfield, CT “Baring My Sole”
Mr/Mrs Michael Roy Winchester, CT “Centered”
Mr./Mrs. Michael Scheidel Enfield, CT “By All Appearances”
Robert Howard Safety Harbor, FL “Safety Harbor Sunrise”
Private Collector Dunedin, FL “Pink Flare”
Private Collector Dunedin, FL “Lil’ Kook”
Private Collector Safety Harbor, FL “Face Off”
Private Collector Dunedin, FL “Frankly Scarlet”
The Newmans Belleair, FL “Red Rose III”
The Newmans Belleair, FL “Red Rose II”
Michele Marziano Tampa, FL “Sunny Side Up”
Private Collector Palm Harbor, FL “Free Bird”
Dottie Clagett Choate Palm Harbor, FL “Me and My Shadow II”
Private Collector Florida “Me and My Shadow I”
Candy Elleman Orlando, FL “Karen”
Private Collector Florida ‘How Do I Look?”
Private Collector Dunedin, FL “The Girls”
Private Collector Florida “Bobbin’ About”
Private Collector Florida Ruffian”
Jim Barge Texas “Bask”
Private Collector Florida “November Rose”
Kirsten Lingenheld Burlington, CT “Nick’s Truck”
Mr/Mrs Paul Scheidel Torrington, CT “Georgie”
Robin Lund Bristol, CT “Audrey”
Mr. Burt Teague Granby, CT “Teague’s”
Mr./Mrs. Harold Scheidel Anthony, FL’ “Bouquet Toss”